Saturday, October 19, 2013

KBR Kids Day - October 19, 2013

Photos by Neal McLain

Pete Romfh, Photographer in Chief

Tom Schneider unpacks the butterflies

Tyler Wise

Tyler Wise

Tom Schneider prepares breakfast for the butterlies

Gaterade for breakfast

Turtle release

Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges exhibit.
At left, Matt Jackson, Friends of Anahuac NWR
At right, Krissy Plunkett, Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges

The Birds arrive in the parking lot

Birds of Prey setup at the edge of the bayou
Sabine Street bridge beyond

Marty with friend

Jerry with friend

Friends of Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge exhibit.   Matt Jackson (left) with visitor.

Steve Hoddy and Phil Huxford try to start the generator

Tyler tries

Phil tries again.  No success.  No PA system
The audience waits for the Birds of Prey program

 Ferruginous Hawk, Buteo regalis

Steve Hoddy, President of EarthQuest, with the hawk

High water on Buffalo Bayou

Sabine Street bridge

The venue from the Sabine Street bridge

Performance stage