Sunday, February 23, 2014

Prairie Restoration - 2014

Recipe for prairie restoration: Take a team of Master Naturalists with shovels in hand to dig up clumps of little bluestem from forested refuge area. Add muscle power and elbow grease to dig and carry clumps to trailer. Drive to South Prairie unit. Dig holes across the prairie. Transplant little bluestem clumps into holes and fill in with dirt. This one day restoration work project occurred on February 22. The naturalist team transplanted over 200 little bluestem clumps!

Lost in Bluestem

Jerry Krampota

Peggy Romfh, Mike Mullins

Mike Mullins, David Plunkett, Sheree Muzny, Chris Kneupper, 
Jerry Krampota, Sherri Wilson, Thomas Adams (USFWS), 
Breana Kitchen,  Peggy Romfh, Roy Morgan, Roland (USFWS).